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Books 編集

FormID 名称 FormID 名称
0001AFB3b16 Accords of Madness, v. IX 0001AFB216 Accords of Madness, v. VI
0001AFB116 Accords of Madness, v. XII 0001ACE42920, Evening Star, v12
0001ACE52920, First Seed, v3 0001AFEA2920, Frostfall, v10
0001AFE92920, Hearth Fire, v9 0001B01F2920, Last Seed, v8
0001AFF72920, MidYear, v6 0001AFD92920, Morning Star, v1
0001B0172920, Rain's Hand, v4 0001B0252920, Second Seed, v5
0001B0102920, Sun's Dawn, v2 0001ACE32920, Sun's Dusk, v11
0001B00C2920, Sun's Height, v7 0001ACDFA Children's Anuad
0001AFC0A Dance in Fire, v1 0001AFDFA Dance in Fire, v2
0001AFD4A Dance in Fire, v3 0001AFC1A Dance in Fire, v4
0001B006A Dance in Fire, v5 0001B00DA Dance in Fire, v6
0001B00EA Dance in Fire, v7 000ED02FA Dream of Sovngarde
0001AFC4A Game at Dinner 000ED02EA Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun
0001AFEEA Hypothetical Treachery 000A0322A Kiss, Sweet Mother
000F1AB3A Minor Maze 000B1260A Scrawled Note
0002F838A Tragedy in Black 000F6928A Warning
000F6843Admonition Against Ebony 000403AFAdonato's Book
0001B01CAdvances in Lockpicking 000D95E3Adventurer's Journal
0001B22CAedra and Daedra 9.00E+53Aeri's Note
0001ACE6Aevar Stone-Singer 00045F94Afflicted's Note
00083AE8Agrius's Journal 0001AFF3Ahzirr Traajijazeri
00065C35Aicantar's Lab Journal 0003A523Alchemist's Journal
000CE5BDAlchemist's Journal 0006DF90Alchemist's Note
000EA5B0Alduin is Real 000C370EAlethius's Notes
000F68A2All Employees Must Read! 0002A96DAlva's Journal
0005BF2EAmaund Motierre's Sealed Letter 000ED03FAmongst the Draugr
000ED03AAn Accounting of the Scrolls 000F68A4An Apology
00083B38An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim 0001B22DAncestors and the Dunmer
000ED441Ancient Edict 000FF223Anders's Message
000DDFB6Anise's Letter 0003636AAnnals of the Dragonguard
000504EFAnonymous Letter 000504EEAnonymous Letter
0001B22FAntecedants of Dwemer Law 0001ACFEArcana Restored
0001AFD7Argonian Account, Book 1 0001ACE7Argonian Account, Book 2
0001AFFCArgonian Account, Book 3 0001ACE8Argonian Account, Book 4
000F68A8Argonian Ceremony 00080D63Arondil's Journal, Part 1
00080D64Arondil's Journal, Part 2 00080D65Arondil's Journal, Part 3
00080D66Arondil's Journal, Part 4 39654Arvel's Journal
000FF227Atlas of Dragons 0006CE1CAtronach Forge Manual
0010F776Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F777Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F778Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F779Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F77AAtronach Forge Recipe 0010F77BAtronach Forge Recipe
0010F77CAtronach Forge Recipe 0010F77DAtronach Forge Recipe
0010F77EAtronach Forge Recipe 0010F77FAtronach Forge Recipe
0010F780Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F781Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F782Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F783Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F784Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F785Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F786Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F766Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F769Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F76AAtronach Forge Recipe
0010F76BAtronach Forge Recipe 0010F76CAtronach Forge Recipe
0010F76DAtronach Forge Recipe 0010F76EAtronach Forge Recipe
0010F76FAtronach Forge Recipe 0010F770Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F771Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F772Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F773Atronach Forge Recipe 0010F774Atronach Forge Recipe
0010F775Atronach Forge Recipe 000F68A0Attention Employees!
0001ACE9Azura and the Box 000DC176Balmora Blue Note
00078DD2Bandit Leader's Journal 00083B01Bandit's Journal
00083AFBBandit's Journal 0002F83CBattle of Red Mountain
0001AFDCBattle of Sancre Tor 0001B012Before the Ages of Man
0001AFD6Beggar 0001ACC7Beggar Prince
21683Beware the Butcher! 0001ACB5Biography of Barenziah, v1
0001ACB6Biography of Barenziah, v2 0001ACB7Biography of Barenziah, v3
0001B023Biography of the Wolf Queen 000C58A6Blood Horker Orders
000D397ABloodstained note 0001B233Boethiah's Glory
3.20E+73Boethiah's Proving 00083AF6Bolar's Writ
95129Bounty 000BD780Bounty
000BD791Bounty 000CBA9BBounty
000BC0A2Bounty 0001B236Breathing Water
0001ACB9Brief History of the Empire, v1 0001ACBABrief History of the Empire, v2
0001ACBBBrief History of the Empire, v3 0001ACBCBrief History of the Empire, v4
0001ACFFBrothers of Darkness 24763Butcher Journal
24737Butcher Journal #1 66182Butcher Journal #2
0002F83BCatalogue of Armor Enchantments 0002F83ACatalogue of Weapon Enchantments
000ED605Cats of Skyrim 0001B237Chance's Folly
0001B238Charwich-Koniinge Letters, v1 0001B23ACharwich-Koniinge Letters, v3
0001B23BCharwich-Koniinge Letters, v4 0001B239Charwich-Koniinge, v2
000ED032Chaurus Pie: A Recipe 0001AFD1Cherim's Heart
0001AD03Children of the Sky 0001B22EChimarvamidium
0001AFF8Chimarvamidium 0001B23CChronicles of Nchuleft
19514Cicero's Journal - Final Volume 0009DABECicero's Journal - Volume 1
0009DAC1Cicero's Journal - Volume 2 0009DAC4Cicero's Journal - Volume 3
0009DAC5Cicero's Journal - Volume 4 0001AD04Cleansing of the Fane
00083B05Commander's Note 0008AA46Complaint Letter
00035B65Contract 0004EF00Contract
000951AECook's Journal 000BA300Corpse Note
001065F5Courier's Letter 000F5CB8Cure Disease Potion Recipe
000F5CB9Cure Disease Potion Recipe 000F5CB5Damage Health Poison Recipe
000F5CB6Damage Health Poison Recipe 000F5CB7Damage Health Poison Recipe
0010596ADark Brotherhood Assassin's Note 0001ACC9Darkest Darkness
0001AFC9Daughter of the Niben 00085FE2Daynas Valen's Journal
00085FE3Daynas Valen's Notes 0001AFC7De Rerum Dirennis
0001AFDDDeath Blow of Abernanit 000ED040Death of a Wanderer
000D55D9Decree of Monument 00039F2ADragon Investigation: Current Status
000EF2C0Dragon Language: Myth no More 000D672ADryston's Note
000E2FC5Dunmer of Skyrim 83168Dwarves, v1
83169Dwarves, v2 0008316ADwarves, v3
0001ACEADwemer History and Culture 000E7F31Dwemer Inquiries Vol I
000E7F33Dwemer Inquiries Vol II 000E7F34Dwemer Inquiries Vol III
000F6932East Empire Connection 0003010BEffects of the Elder Scrolls
000D0BF6Eisa's Journal 0002D513Elder Scroll
48782Elder Scroll 000D1955Eltrys' Note
0002F837Enchanter's Primer 0008ACD0Endrast's Journal
000C084BErj's Notes 0008ACD1Expedition Manifest
000F692FEyes Open 000F0422Faded Diary
0005C846Faendal's Fake Letter from Sven 00026EFEFaleen's Letter to Calcelmo
000ED033Fall from Glory 0001ACF7Fall of the Snow Prince
0005D2EAFaralda's Notes 0001B008Father Of The Niben
00037F89Father's Missive 000F5CC1Fear Poison Recipe
000F5CC2Fear Poison Recipe 0001ACEBFeyfolken I
0001ACECFeyfolken II 0001ACEDFeyfolken III
0001B267Final Lesson 0001AFDAFire and Darkness
000D7773First Letter from Linwe 0007F667Fisherman's Journal
00088FE2Fisherman's Journal 0001AD05Five Songs of King Wulfharth
000ED04EFlight from the Thalmor 000BB3D3For Shelly
000E3E69Forge, Hammer and Anvil 000A4CE2Forsworn Missive
00083B0BForsworn Note 00083AE3Forsworn Note
00083B35Forswrn Note To Matriarch 000F33D2Fort Neugrad Treasure Map
000F5CC6Fortify Carry Weight Potion Recipe 000F5CC7Fortify Carry Weight Potion Recipe
0001AD06Fragment: On Artaeum 72841Fragment: On Artaeum
0001ACCBFrontier, Conquest 000E8BDBFrost's Identity Papers
15475Gaius Maro's Schedule 0001ACCDGalerion The Mystic
000CEDA6Gallus's Encoded Journal 0001BB6DGallus's Journal
000E7A33Geirmund's Epitaph 000ED031Ghosts in the Storm
0006DEB6Gissur's Note 000F692AGive Me A Chance
0001AD07Glories and Laments 0001ACD5Gods and Worship
000F692EGoldenglow 0004C6C8Goldenglow Bill of Sale
0007A508Goldenglow Bill of Sale 000AD8DEGorm's Letter
0003BEB6Gourmet's Writ of Passage 000ED047Great Harbingers
000E94DFGuard's Orders 0002F836Guide to Better Thieving
000EF579Gulum-Ei's Confession 0004811FHabd's Death Letter
48160Habd's Journal 000E1647Hajvarr's Journal
0001AFF6Hallgerd's Tale 0010B2CDHamelyn's Journal
0001AD08Hanging Gardens 000BABB4Hargar's Journal
000ED603Harvesting Frostbite Spider Venom 000F23BAHastily Scribbled Note
000F6933Have Need of Cynric 000F6931Have Need of Cynric
0001AFD2Heavy Armor Forging 0008AD99Heddic's Volunruud Notes
0001AFC8Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim 000ED60CHerbane's Bestiary: Automatons
000ED60BHerbane's Bestiary: Hagravens 000D6F0BHerbane's Bestiary: Ice Wraiths
000F98B4Hired Thug's Missive 000FBA57Holdings of Jarl Gjalund
000ED604Horker Attacks 0001AFECHorror of Castle Xyr
000993FCHunter's Journal 000F54D4Hunter's Journal
0001B001Ice and Chitin 000940DDIdgrod's Note
0001AFF1Immortal Blood 0009020CImperial Condolences
00083AEDImperial Letter 00039C8EImperial Missive
00083AFDImperial Missive 000524DAImperial Order
000EDA90Imperial Report on Saarthal 0001B00FIncident at Necrom
50502Incriminating Letter 000E0BA1Incriminating Letter
000749B5Incriminating Letter 000F5CB3Invisibility Potion Recipe
000F5CB4Invisibility Potion Recipe 42396Invitation to Elenwen's Reception
0001B245Invocation of Azura 00064EB2Isabelle's Letter
0005437DJ'datharr's Note 000F03E5J'zhar's Journal
000F6844Japhet's Journal 0001B002Jornibret's Last Dance
0008E5DFJournal 77536Journal
000DC198Journal 00026D85Journal of Drokt
000BA0BEJusticiar Execution Order 0003A06FKaran's Journal
000EDD35Killing - Before You're Killed 0001AFE5King
000AE324King Olaf's Verse 000F6841Kodlak's Journal
000EF53EKolb & the Dragon 000C36EFKrag's Journal
000D07B2Kyr's Bounty 000D0E4EKyr's Log
0001AD09Last King of the Ayleids 0001AFCFLast Scabbard of Akrash
0001B021Legend of Krately House 0001ACDCLife of Uriel Septim VII
0001AFD0Light Armor Forging 0001AFE8Liminal Bridges
000DD99CLorcalin's Orders 000ED608Lost Legends
000211D7Love Poem 90213Lu-ah's Journal
000ED042Lycanthropic Legends of Skyrim 000E82BELymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal
0001AFE6Mace Etiquette 000E2513Madanach's Note
0001ACF1Magic from the Sky 0006BE25Maluril's Journal
00028ADCMalyn Varen's Grimoire 000D0968Mani's Letter
0001AFC5Mannimarco, King of Worms 000F689BMany Thanks
000F68A7Mara Smiles Upon You! 000D3E6BMargret's Journal
000F1445Markarth Home Decorating Guide 000B3236Master Illusion Text
000B3237Master Illusion Text 000B3238Master Illusion Text
000B3239Master Illusion Text 000B716AMedresi's Notes
000DD125Merchant's Journal 000D30C8Midden Incident Report
55549Miner's Journal 0001ACD1Mixed Unit Tactics
00094D8BMuseum Pamphlet 0001ACD4Mysterious Akavir
0005224AMysterious Note 0003031FMysterious Note
0001B013Mystery of Talara, Part 4 0001AFC3Mystery of Talara, v 1
0001B018Mystery of Talara, v 2 0001AFF0Mystery of Talara, v3
0001ACF5Mystery of Talara, v5 00086EF8Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1
00086EF9Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 00086EFAMythic Dawn Commentaries 3
00086EFBMythic Dawn Commentaries 4 0001ACB8Myths of Sheogorath
000DB0D7Mzinchaleft Guard's Note 00088FE8Mzinchaleft Work Order
0001AD0EN'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! 00083B08Necromancer's Letter
000D672BNepos's Journal 0001AD0DNerevar Moon and Star
0001AFE4Night Falls on Sentinel 0004D249Night of Tears
000ED039Nightingales: Fact or Fiction? 000F692CNo Word Yet
000ED161Nords Arise! 000E0D66Nords of Skyrim
0008B471Note 000C2BE4Note
000D1246Note 000D120CNote
0006F63CNote 0006DFAFNote
000C0136Note 000F23E0Note From Jaree-Ra
000F68A3Note From Maven 000BC6FDNote from Agna
78621Note to Rhorlak 000E163FNote to Rodulf
000C3B1ANote to Thomas 0009793ANote to the Authorities
00063A0FNotes On The Lunar Forge 000B6426Notes on Yngol Barrow
0008ACCCNotice 000F68A6Notice of Cost Increase
000FF207Nystrom's Journal 000ED607Ode To The Tundrastriders
000ED035Of Crossed Daggers 000B64B1Of Fjori and Holgeir
68253Official warning 0001A332Oghma Infinium
000EB090Olaf and the Dragon 0008F741Old Tome
0001ACF3On Oblivion 000ED037On Stepping Lightly
000EDA8EOn the Great Collapse 0001AF40Opusculus Lamae Bal
0006DFACOrders 0001AFF9Orsinium and the Orcs
0001AFFEPalla, volume 1 0001ACF4Palla, volume 2
000F5CB1Paralysis Poison Recipe 000F5CB2Paralysis Poison Recipe
0003010APension of the Ancestor Moth 000F68AAPer Your Requests
000ED041Physicalities of Werewolves 000E7EF0Pirate King of the Abecean
000F692DPossible Rivals 0009C8C0Power of the Elements
0009C8C6Power of the Elements 0009C8C1Power of the Elements
0009C8C2Power of the Elements 000F37D0Power of the Elements
000E94F1Prisoner's Plan 000D9399Private Letter
000813B6Promissory Note 0001B01BProper Lock Design
000557ECPurchase Agreement 00085D4EPurchase Agreement
0001B022Purloined Shadows 000F689EQuite Pleased
000D0032Ra'jirr's Note 0001B015Racial Phylogeny
0006DF94Rahgot's Reply 000D3973Ramati's Journal
0001AFCCReality & Other Falsehoods 000C2987Red Eagle's Rite
000F6897Regarding Your Loss 0001AD14Remanada
000F798CRepair Supplies 0001ACC6Report: Disaster at Ionith
000F68A9Reports of a Disturbance 000F689CRequest for Help!
00039FC3Request from 000F6898Requested Report
00034CBCResearch Log 0006A80DResearch Notes
000F5CBDResist Fire Potion Recipe 000F5CC0Resist Fire Potion Recipe
000F5CBEResist Frost Potion Recipe 000F5CBFResist Frost Potion Recipe
000F5CC5Resist Poison Potion Recipe 000F5CC3Resist Shock Potion Recipe
000F5CC4Resist Shock Potion Recipe 0001AFEDResponse to Bero's Speech
000F5CACRestore Health Potion Recipe 000F5CADRestore Health Potion Recipe
000F5CAERestore Health Potion Recipe 000F5CAFRestore Health Potion Recipe
000F5CBARestore Magicka Potion Recipe 000F5CBBRestore Magicka Potion Recipe
000F5CBCRestore Magicka Potion Recipe 000F11B7Riften Home Decorating Guide
00037F87Rigel's Letter 000ED5F4Rising Threat, Vol. I
000ED5F5Rising Threat, Vol. II 000ED5F6Rising Threat, Vol. III
000ED5F7Rising Threat, Vol. IV 0001B004Rislav The Righteous
000931C2Rogatus's Letter 00037F8ARoras's Letter
000F0424Ruined Trailbook 0001ACDBRuins of Kemel-Ze
32785Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls 000705C3Runil's Journal
0001B020Sacred Witness 000ED03BScourge of the Gray Quarter
000D3979Scrawled page 0005B9C9Scribbled Note
0007D67DSecond Letter from Linwe 0003DD30Sergius's Note
000F84A1Shadowmarks 000C1E7AShalidor's Insights
000C1E78Shalidor's Insights 000C1E79Shalidor's Insights
000C1E77Shalidor's Insights 000F6276Shalidor's Insights
000F6275Shalidor's Insights 000F6278Shalidor's Insights
000F6277Shalidor's Insights 0006DEB5Shavari's Note
0001AF93Shezarr and the Divines 000F692BShipment's Arrived
00065BDAShipment's Ready 000F689AShopping List
0001B22BShort History of Morrowind 000F68ABSibbi Black-Briar
000AD430Sild's Journal 000E4D6FSinderion's Field Journal
0001AFCBSithis 0007E5B8Skorm Snow-Strider's Journal
000ED04CSkyrim's Rule 000F5BC0Small Note
000DC3AFSmuggler's Journal 000DD998Smugglers' Note
0008AA45Soldier's Request 000F1447Solitude Home Decorating Guide
69007Sondas's Note 0001AFDBSong Of Hrormir
0001AFC6Song of the Alchemists 000E7F37Song of the Askelde Men
000ED062Songs of Skyrim 000F11D5Songs of Skyrim: Revised
000ED03DSongs of the Return, Vol 19 000ED046Songs of the Return, Vol 2
000ED044Songs of the Return, Vol 56 000ED045Songs of the Return, Vol 7
000ED048Songs of the Return, vol 24 0001AD0CSouls, Black and White
000E2FC6Sovngarde: A Reexamination 0001B25ASpirit of Nirn
0001AD15Spirit of the Daedra 0008E8FCStaubin's Diary
00083B04Stormcloak Missive 00083AFFStormcloak Missive
93846Stromm's Diary 000D0969Sudi's Journal
0008ACD2Sulla's Journal 0001B01DSurfeit of Thieves
0001DBFESuvaris Atheron's Logbook 0005C847Sven's Fake Letter from Faendal
000B6D60Tattered Journal 000F0423Tattered Journal
108160Tattered Note 000F6845Thalmor Dossier: Delphine
0003AF29Thalmor Dossier: Esbern 000F6846Thalmor Dossier: Ulfric Stormcloak
97803Thalmor Orders 0001AF94The Adabal-a
000ED04BThe Alduin/Akatosh Dichotomy 0001ACE1The Amulet of Kings
000EDA8FThe Apprentice's Assistant 0001B25EThe Arcturian Heresy
0001AFCEThe Armorer's Challenge 0001AFEFThe Art of War Magic
0007EB9EThe Bear of Markarth 0001AFC2The Black Arrow, v1
0001B009The Black Arrow, v2 0001B011The Black Arts On Trial
0001ACC8The Book of Daedra 00105A52The Book of Fate
000F86FEThe Book of the Dragonborn 0001B00AThe Buying Game
000EF638The Cabin in the Woods 0001B262The Cake and The Diamond
0007EBC2The City of Stone 0007EBC9The Code of Malacath
0001AFE7The Doors of Oblivion 0001ACF2The Dowry
0001AFCAThe Dragon Break 000EDDD5The Dragon War
0009DE3DThe Dreamstride 0001B016The Exodus
000E0D68The Falmer: A Study 0001ACD2The Firmament
0001ACD3The Firsthold Revolt 00068B5AThe Four Totems of Volskygge
0001B005The Gold Ribbon of Merit 000F456DThe Great War
000ED030The Holds of Skyrim 0001B26AThe Hope of the Redoran
0001AFE3The Importance of Where 000973ACThe Keepers of the Razor
0001AFFAThe Knights of the Nine 72840The Last King of the Ayleids
000C1771The Legend of Red Eagle 0001AFE2The Legendary Sancre Tor
0001AD0AThe Legendary Scourge 0001B019The Locked Room
0001AFCDThe Lunar Lorkhan 0001ACEFThe Lusty Argonian Maid, v1
000F699DThe Lusty Argonian Maid, v2 0001ACF0The Madness of Pelagius
0001B26DThe Marksmanship Lesson 0001AFDEThe Mirror
0001B26EThe Monomyth 000E0D67The Night Mother's Truth
000F68ACThe Nightingales Vol. 1 000F68ADThe Nightingales Vol. 2
0010BEDFThe Nirnoot Missive 00037DEAThe Oblivion Crisis
0001AD0FThe Old Ways 0001AD11The Pig Children
0001AD12The Posting of the Hunt 0001AFD3The Ransom of Zarek
0001ACD6The Real Barenziah, v1 0001ACD7The Real Barenziah, v2
0001ACD8The Real Barenziah, v3 0001ACD9The Real Barenziah, v4
0001ACDAThe Real Barenziah, v5 0001B000The Rear Guard
0001AD13The Red Book of Riddles 0001AFD5The Red Kitchen Reader
0001B003The Refugees 000F4530The Rise and Fall of the Blades
000DB0C7The Secrets of Ragnvald 0001ACFAThe Seed
0001AF8AThe Song of Pelinal, v1 0001AF8BThe Song of Pelinal, v2
0001AF8CThe Song of Pelinal, v3 0001AF8DThe Song of Pelinal, v4
0001AF8EThe Song of Pelinal, v5 0001AF8FThe Song of Pelinal, v6
0001AF90The Song of Pelinal, v7 0001AF91The Song of Pelinal, v8
000F03E3The Tale of Dro'Zira 000ED04DThe Talos Mistake
0001ACFBThe Third Door 000ED04FThe Third Era Timeline
000F683FThe Totems of Hircine 000F6840The Totems of Hircine
0001AD16The True Nature of Orcs 53347The Warmth of Mara
0001AFEBThe Warrior's Charge 0001AD17The Waters of Oblivion
0001AD18The Wild Elves 000ED03CThe Windhelm Letters
00083B3BThe Wispmother 0001B01AThe Wolf Queen, v1
0001AFF2The Wolf Queen, v2 0001AFFBThe Wolf Queen, v3
0001B00BThe Wolf Queen, v4 0001B024The Wolf Queen, v5
0001B01EThe Wolf Queen, v6 0001B026The Wolf Queen, v7
0001ACFDThe Wolf Queen, v8 000ED601The Woodcutter's Wife
0007EB03The Madmen of the Reach 000ED5F8There Be Dragons
0001AFBFThief 0001ACDDThief of Virtue
000F0425Thief's Last Words 000F689FThings to Do
000D674AThonar's Journal 0001B276Three Thieves
000F6929Timely Offer 000F68A5To A Concerned Citizen
000F68A1To Be Read Immediately! 000F6899To The Owner
000F6896To the Brotherhood 26700Tolfdir's Book
00074ADFTorn Note 000D2B09Tova's Farewell
000F6930Training Chests 000A17B0Treasure Hunter's Note
000EF07ATreasure Map I 000F33CETreasure Map II
000F33CFTreasure Map III 000F33D1Treasure Map IV
000F33CDTreasure Map IX 000F33D4Treasure Map V
000F33D0Treasure Map VI 000F33D5Treasure Map VII
000F33D3Treasure Map VIII 000F33E0Treasure Map X
0001ADB4Treatise on Ayleidic Cities 0001ACE2Trials of St. Alessia
000ED606Troll Slaying 0002F839Twin Secrets
000E1640Ulfr's Book 000F0417Umana's Journal
0009F267Uncommon Taste 0006851BUncommon Taste - Signed
000E7F39Unsent Afflicted Letter 000F689DUntil Next Time
0003D29DUrag's Note 00072B13Vald's Debt
00093CF6Valmir's Orders 0001ACFCVarieties of Daedra
000DDEFBVelehk Sain's Treasure Map 0001B27AVernaccus and Bourlor
0001B007Vernaccus and Bourlor 0001AFBAWabbajack
000ED061Walking the World, Vol XI 0001B272War of the First Council
78561Warning 0001AFE0Warrior
000ED63FWatcher of Stones 00083AEFWatchtower Guard's Letter
000D670FWeylin's Note 000F11B6Whiterun Home Decorating Guide
000F1446Windhelm Home Decorating Guide 0001B014Withershins
0001AFD8Words and Philosophy 0001B27DWords of Clan Mother Ahnissi
0001B273Wraith's Wedding Dowry 000F1C18Writ of Sealing
000F1C17Writ of Sealing 000F1C19Writ of Sealing
000D9B6BWyndelius's Journal 0001B274Yellow Book of Riddles
0002A563Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts 000E1A9FYsolda's Message

Letter と Note 編集


FormID Name FormID Name
0008ACCDLetter 00071442Letter from
00071443Letter from 000A0F46Letter from Calcemo
000F6893Letter from Christophe 000D91D1Letter from Falk Firebeard
000CC86ALetter from Father 00027F74Letter from Jon
000F6894Letter from Maven 00027F73Letter from Olfina
000249AFLetter from Quintus Navale 000F6895Letter from Sabjorn
000F6842Letter from Septimus Signus 0007D02FLetter from Solitude
00023EE5Letter from a Friend 000CADECLetter from the Steward
0005B49ELetter of Credit 0001BFF5Letter of Inheritance
000E7F3CLetter to Beem-Ja 00019FEALetter to Golldir
000E7F3BLetter to Salma 00019FEBLetter to Vals Veran


名称 FormID 名称 FormID
Scroll of Candlelight 0009659B Scroll of Detect Life 001019AE
Scroll of Dragonhide 000E0CD6 Scroll of Ebonyflesh 000A449E
Scroll of Ironflesh 000A449B Scroll of Magelight 000965A2
Scroll of Mass Paralysis 00021876 Scroll of Oakflesh 0009659C
Scroll of Paralyze 000A449D Scroll of Stoneflesh 000965A3
Scroll of Waterbreathing 000A449C Scroll of Conjure Flame Atronach 000965A5
Scroll of Conjure Frost Atronach 000A44A0 Scroll of Conjure Storm Atronach 000A44A1
Scroll of Raise Zombie 0009659E Scroll of Reanimate Corpse 000965A4
Scroll of Revenant 000A44A3 Scroll of Command Daedra 000A44A4
Scroll of Dread Zombie 000A44A5 Scroll of Expel Daedra 000A44A6
Scroll of Dead Thrall 000A44A7 Scroll of Flame Thrall 000A44A8
Scroll of Frost Thrall 000A44A9 Scroll of Storm Thrall 000A44AA
Scroll of Banish Daedra 000A449F Scroll of Conjure Familiar 0009659F
Scroll of Soul Trap 000965A7
Scroll of Firebolt 00096598 Scroll of Ice Spike 00096599
Scroll of Lightning Bolt 0009659A Scroll of Fire Rune 000965A8
Scroll of Frost Rune 000965A9 Scroll of Lightning Rune 000965AA
Scroll of Fireball 000A44AE Scroll of Ice Storm 00096599
Scroll of Chain Lightning 000A44B0 Scroll of Flame Cloak 000A44AB
Scroll of Frost Cloak 000A44AC Scroll of Lightning Cloak 000A44AD
Scroll of Fire Storm 000A44B1 Scroll of Blizzard 000A44B2
Scroll of Call to Arms 000A44BE Scroll of Calm 000965AD
Scroll of Courage 000965A0 Scroll of Fear 000965AE
Scroll of Frenzy 000A44B6 Scroll of Fury 000965A1
Scroll of Harmony 000A44BC Scroll of Hysteria 000A44BD
Scroll of Invisibility 000A44B7 Scroll of Mayhem 000A44BB
Scroll of Muffle 000965AB Scroll of Pacify 000A44B9
Scroll of Rally 000A44B5 Scroll of Rout 000A44BA
Scroll of Bane of the Undead 000218F2
Scroll of Circle of Protection 000A44C3 Scroll of Cure Wounds 000B64B3
Scroll of Fast Healing 000965AF Scroll of Grand Healing 000A44C4
Scroll of Guardian Circle 000E0CD5 Scroll of Heal Other 000A44C1
Scroll of Repel Lesser Undead 000A44C2 Scroll of Repel Undead 000A44C5
Scroll of Turn Greater Undead 000A44C6 Scroll of Turn Lesser Undead 000A44BF
Scroll of Turn Undead 000965B0

Spell Tomes編集

FormID 名称 FormID 名称
000DD647Spell Tome: Bane of the Undead 000A26EESpell Tome: Banish Daedra
000A270DSpell Tome: Blizzard 000A26EDSpell Tome: Bound Battleaxe
000A26F1Spell Tome: Bound Bow 0009E2A9Spell Tome: Bound Sword
000A271BSpell Tome: Call To Arms 000A2711Spell Tome: Calm
0009E2A7Spell Tome: Candlelight 000A2708Spell Tome: Chain Lightning
000A2728Spell Tome: Circle Of Protection 000FF7D1Spell Tome: Clairvoyance
0010F64DSpell Tome: Close Wounds 000A26F6Spell Tome: Command Daedra
0010FD60Spell Tome: Conjure Dremora Lord 0009E2ABSpell Tome: Conjure Familiar
000A26ECSpell Tome: Conjure Flame Atronach 000B45F7Spell Tome: Conjure Flaming Familiar
000A26EFSpell Tome: Conjure Frost Atronach 000A26F0Spell Tome: Conjure Storm Atronach
0009E2ADSpell Tome: Courage 000A26F9Spell Tome: Dead Thrall
000A26E7Spell Tome: Detect Life 000A26EASpell Tome: Detect Undead
000D2B4ESpell Tome: Dragonhide 000A26F7Spell Tome: Dread Zombie
000A26E9Spell Tome: Ebonyflesh 000F4997Spell Tome: Equilibrium
000A26F8Spell Tome: Expel Daedra 000A271DSpell Tome: Fast Healing
000A2712Spell Tome: Fear 000A2700Spell Tome: Fire Rune
000A270CSpell Tome: Fire Storm 000A2706Spell Tome: Fireball
000A26FDSpell Tome: Firebolt 000A2703Spell Tome: Flame Cloak
000A26FASpell Tome: Flame Thrall 0009CD51Spell Tome: Flames
000A2714Spell Tome: Frenzy 000A2704Spell Tome: Frost Cloak
000A2701Spell Tome: Frost Rune 000A26FBSpell Tome: Frost Thrall
0009CD52Spell Tome: Frostbite 0009E2ACSpell Tome: Fury
000DD643Spell Tome: Grand Healing 000A2722Spell Tome: Greater Ward
000FDE7BSpell Tome: Guardian Circle 000A271ASpell Tome: Harmony
000A2727Spell Tome: Heal Other 0009E2AFSpell Tome: Healing
000A271ESpell Tome: Healing Hands 000A271CSpell Tome: Hysteria
000A26FESpell Tome: Ice Spike 000A2707Spell Tome: Ice Storm
0010F7F3Spell Tome: Icy Spear 0010F7F4Spell Tome: Incinerate
000A2715Spell Tome: Invisibility 000A26E4Spell Tome: Ironflesh
0009E2AESpell Tome: Lesser Ward 000A26FFSpell Tome: Lightning Bolt
000A2705Spell Tome: Lightning Cloak 000A2702Spell Tome: Lightning Rune
000A270ESpell Tome: Lightning Storm 000A26E2Spell Tome: Magelight
000DD646Spell Tome: Mass Paralysis 000A2719Spell Tome: Mayhem
000A270FSpell Tome: Muffle 0009E2A8Spell Tome: Oakflesh
000A2717Spell Tome: Pacify 000A26E8Spell Tome: Paralyze
0009E2AASpell Tome: Raise Zombie 000A2713Spell Tome: Rally
000A26EBSpell Tome: Reanimate Corpse 000A2725Spell Tome: Repel Lesser Undead
000A2726Spell Tome: Repel Undead 000A26F2Spell Tome: Revenant
000A2718Spell Tome: Rout 0009CD54Spell Tome: Soul Trap
0009CD53Spell Tome: Sparks 000B3165Spell Tome: Spectral Arrow
000A2720Spell Tome: Steadfast Ward 000A26E3Spell Tome: Stoneflesh
000A26FCSpell Tome: Storm Thrall 000A26E5Spell Tome: Telekinesis
0010F7F5Spell Tome: Thunderbolt 109112Spell Tome: Transmute Mineral Ore
000A2729Spell Tome: Turn Greater Undead 000A271FSpell Tome: Turn Lesser Undead
000A2721Spell Tome: Turn Undead 000A2709Spell Tome: Wall of Flames
000A270ASpell Tome: Wall of Frost 000A270BSpell Tome: Wall of Storms
000A26E6Spell Tome: Waterbreathing