Reader (Achievement)Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal
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タイトル: Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal
タイトル日本語名: レムドレン・トレヴァンニの日記
完全タイトル: Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal
完全タイトル日本語名: レムドレン・トレヴァンニの日記
著者: Lynmdrenn Telvanni, Hidrya Olen (ノート内のカバーにメモ)
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Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal (レムドレン・トレヴァンニの日記) は The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim で入手できる書物。

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I hope this text of your father's last words finds its way to your hands. I served House Telvanni as a wet nurse during your first months of life and wanted to repay your father's kindness. I've done all I can to locate you, but I regret that we'll never meet face-to-face. Hidyra Olen.

4E 6Second Seed, Middas

Is this the end of all things? Are we to die by the cruel barbed blades of the Argonian invasion force? After surviving the Red Year, struggling to dig from the ash and the rubble, and burying the thousands that died, is this to be our epitaph? The irony of our demise glows brighter than Masser on the summer solstice. We brought this upon ourselves; the Argonians simply answering a rallying cry incited by a millennia of suffrage imposed by my kind. And so here I sit, in the crumbling basement of our family home while a thousand thousand booted feet echo above me and the screams of the dying find their way to my ears. So falls House Telvanni.

But then I look into the eyes of this child, this blessing given to us the very year that Vvardenfell spouted its fiery death across the land; this gift I hold my grasp. Is it too much to wish he be given the chance to survive and keep our memories alive? This small boy born in the midst of chaos and destruction must carry on. If nothing else, as a reminder to the other dunmer that the Telvanni were once a proud and noble people.

Since the death of my wife, I haven't been able to bring myself to give my son a proper name. It never felt right without her. But my own life reaches its final hours as the luxury of time is escapes my embrace. I name him now: Brandyl, son of Lymdrenn and sole living heir to House Telvanni. I will wrap him in his t'lonya, his birthing swaddle and leave his fate to Azura's will.

Live with virtue and pride, sera.

公式日本語訳 編集


あなたの父親の最期の言葉を書き記したこの本があなたの元へ届くといいのだけれど。あなたの父親の優しさに報いたかったため私はあなたが生後1ヶ月の時、乳母としてHouse Telvanniに使えていました。あなたの居場所を探すためあらゆることをしましたが、直接会うことが一度も無いと思うと残念でなりません。 ヒドリャ・オーレン.

第四紀6年Second Seed, Middas

これで全ては終わってしまうのだろうか? 我々はアルゴニアンの侵略軍の残虐な剣の前に切り伏せられ死ぬ運命なのだろうか?レッドイヤー(噴火)を生き延び、灰や瓦礫を掘り起こそうと奮闘し、何千もの死者を埋めた我々に用意された墓標がこれか?我々が没落するという皮肉は夏の日マッサー よりも光り輝く。この惨事をもたらしたのは我々自身だ。アルゴニアン達は我々の種族に強いられた数千の間の行いに答えているに過ぎない。だから私は今にも壊れそうな自宅の地下室に腰を下ろしている。上からは数千のブーツの足音そして死に逝く者の叫び声が聞こえる。ああ、テルヴァン二家が没落する.





  • ゲーム内ではLymdrenn Tenvanni's Journalと記されてているが、このHouseはTelvanniと呼ばれており"n"の部分は"l"である。恐らくはBethesdaのチェックミスである