Reader (Achievement)Saint Jiub's Opus
タイトル: Saint Jiub's Opus
タイトル日本語名: 聖ジウブの手記
完全タイトル: Saint Jiub's Opus
完全タイトル日本語名: 聖ジウブの手記
著者: Jiub
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詳細は Books (Skyrim) を参照

Saint Jiub's Opus (聖ジウブの手記) は The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim で入手できる書物。


この本は、Saint Jiubの自叙伝の第一巻を完成させたものでSoul Cairnで手に入る以下のページから成り立っている。





I am a hunter. I am a redeemer. I am Jiub.

The tale of my rise to glory begins in the ash wastes of Morrowind. I rode alone, weapon at my side and the burning wind stinging my face. My quest was arduous, but necessary to ensure the survival of the Dunmer people. A pestilence was creeping across the ashlands, a menace with an insatiable hunger that plagued innocent travelers simply trying to get home. It was my self-sworn task to hunt them down one-by-one and drive them from the skies. Their fury knew no bounds and their war cry resonated across the land. They were the notorious cliff racers, and they had to be destroyed.

On a particularly hot day during Sun's Height, I was tracking what I called a Lingerer... a cliff racer without a nest. He was a particularly feisty one too, leading me on a merry chase across almost three miles of ash dunes. I had managed to take a piece out of one of his wings in an earlier scuffle so he couldn't maintain much of a climb, but he still had quite a bit of stamina left and he was trying to make me tire of the chase. Almost two solid hours passed and my silt strider was tiring, but I couldn't give up... I had sworn to eliminate the foul beasts to the last and I wasn't about to let it go. If I was going to stop the thing, I'd have to do it fast.

I pulled my longbow from my back and nocked my last arrow. I took a deep breath and pulled, trying to keep the cliff racer in my sights. It was literally a longshot with the beast gaining distance and the silt strider bouncing me around at full gallop. Finally, with a silent prayer, I released the string. The arrow sang through the air like a howling demon as it sliced its way towards its target. Finally, just as it crested the lip of a foyada, the arrow struck it in the midsection. It let out a horrible cry and fell out of sight.

My cries of triumph were quickly stifled by the sound of over a hundred wings. Rising from the foyada was an entire colony of cliff racers and they were out for blood. The blasted thing had led me right to their nest and sacrificed itself with the intent of feeding me to its brood. It was a trap. The damned things had become much too clever. Knowing this was likely the end, I jumped down from the silt strider and hit the back of its leg with the flat of my glass blade. There was no need for the innocent thing to die here today because of my stupidity. As the ash cloud cleared from being stirred up by its massive legs, the cliff racer brood approached. I held my sword high and prepared for the worst.

The battle lasted two full days. I was beaten, clawed, bitten and knocked down more times than I care to remember. In the end, seventy-six cliff racers were slaughtered. I was knee-deep in their corpses and my body on the verge of collapse. But I had survived. I smiled to the heavens and all went black.

When I awoke, all I felt was my back on a cold stone floor. Every muscle in my body was on fire, and my vision was blurred. Slowly, I tried to climb to my feet. It took several agonizing minutes, but I finally managed to do it. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light of my new surroundings, I realized that I was standing before Lord Vivec himself. He was simply staring at me... floating above his throne and staring at me with his piercing eyes. When I began to prostrate myself as a sign of respect, he held up one of his hands as if to say it wasn't necessary. Was I dead? Was Lord Vivec pleased with me? Was he about to strike me down in anger for my somewhat sordid past?

Suddenly I understood everything. Suddenly I realized that I was brought here for a reason. I should have died in those ash wastes, but Lord Vivec must have seen something inside me that he hadn't seen in millennia and decided to spare me from my fate.

Thus began my ascent to Sainthood. Thus began the rise of Jiub!




 南中の月の、とりわけ暑いある日のこと、私は自分が“しぶとい奴”と呼んでいた相手… 1匹の巣を持たぬクリフ・レーサーを追っていた。元気の良さも桁外れで、灰の山の上で、奴が先頭に立って、ほぼ3マイルにもわたって楽しい追いかけっこが繰り広げられていた。それ以前の乱闘で私に片翼の一部をもぎ取られていた奴は、ほとんど上昇を続けられなくなっていたが、それでもまだかなりの体力があり、こちらの追う気を失わせようと頑張っていた。そのまま2時間近くが過ぎ、私のシルトストライダーも疲れ始めていたが、諦めるわけにはいかなかった… この邪悪な獣どもを、最後の1匹に至るまで抹殺すると誓ったのだ。まだその誓いを捨てる気はなかった。奴を仕留めるなら、急がねばならなかった。




 目覚めと同時に感じたのは、背中が冷たい石の床に触れているということだけだった。全身の筋肉は燃えるように熱く、目はかすんでよく見えなかった。私はゆっくりと立ち上がろうとした。何分か苦闘したが、最後にはどうにか立ち上がることができた。新たな環境の薄暗さに目が慣れるにつれて、私は自分がヴィベク王その人の前に立っていることに気付いた。王はただ私を見つめていた… 玉座の上に浮かび、鋭い眼差しで私を見ていた。敬意を表するためにひれ伏そうとすると、王は必要ないと言うように片方の手を上げた。私は死んだのか? ヴィベク王の機嫌を損ねはしなかったろうか? やや卑しい経歴のために不興を買って、殺されてしまうのだろうか?